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Thank you for your interest in the West Deptford School District’s PreK-12 Tuition Program.  The West Deptford School District accepts qualified non-resident students on a tuition basis in grades Kindergarten through High School, provided that an appropriate program and adequate class space are available.

As part of the admission and tuition procedures, we request that you schedule an interview with DR. SHAWNEQUA CARVALHO, Chief Academic Officer at (856) 848-4300 extension 3214.  Prior to meeting with Dr. Carvalho, please forward to her the following information and documentation: 

  1. A completed Application for Regular Tuition Student Education Program
  2. A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  3. Copies of your child’s school report cards or teacher evaluations from their current school
  4. Copies of your child’s standardized and/or state test scores, if available.

Arrangements for visitation to the appropriate school will be, subsequently, planned.  A decision regarding enrollment as a regular tuition student will be forthcoming following the completion of this process.

We hope that the educational opportunities available through the West Deptford School District might provide your child with the learning foundation and environment you desire.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Brian C. Gismondi
Superintendent of Schools


PreK-12 Tuition Program

Admission and Tuition Payment Procedures

Effective:  July 1, 2024


  1. Parent will complete and submit the Application for Regular Tuition Student Education Program to the West Deptford Board of Education office.


  2. The Assistant Superintendent will schedule an initial interview with the student’s parent(s) and the student. If the student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the Director of Special Education and Related Services will attend the interview to determine if West Deptford School District has appropriate programming for the student. If it is determined that space and an appropriate program are available to the student, verification of satisfactory academic performance and deportment will occur.


  3. If requested, arrangements will then be made for the student and their parent(s) to tour the appropriate school and to meet with the school’s principal.


  4. Pending most recent/final academic grades, the Assistant Superintendent will notify the parent of admission. Core academic grades (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Language) must maintain a “C” or better in all courses in the marking period before admittance to West Deptford School District. For students entering in September, all final grades must be submitted from the previous year. At the discretion of the Superintendent, a waiver of the academic criteria may be requested of the West Deptford Board of Education.


  5. The tuition rates will be determined annually by the West Deptford Board of Education pursuant to the Board of Education Policy. Rates for the 2024-2025 school year are:


    • Preschool/K $11,771
    • Grades 1-5 $14,484
    • Grades 6-8 $16,760
    • Grades 9-12 $15,426
    • Learning and/or Language Disabled $19,421
    • Multiply Disabled $18,494
    • Preschool Disabled - Part Time $20,120
    • Tuition rates for school year 2025-2026 will be determined in late spring of 2025


  6. Tuition payments are made semi-annually. The first payment must be paid before the student enters school. The second payment is due February 1st. If payments are not received on the dates required, the student will be excluded from school.


  7. The provisions of this policy will be incorporated in a contract that will be signed by the student’s parent(s), the President of West Deptford Board of Education and Business Administrator/Board Secretary.


  8. A tuition student who does not meet acceptable standards of behavior as established by their school’s Principal may be terminated at any time. NO TUITION REFUND WILL BE MADE.


  9. Once a student has been admitted on a tuition basis, it is assumed that the student has permission to continue their education in the West Deptford School District. Tuition payments must remain current and the student must maintain a satisfactory academic and behavior record.


  10. Once a regular tuition student has been admitted to the West Deptford School District, he/she must wait 30 calendar days from the date of enrollment to be eligible to participate in the West Deptford School District athletics. If students enroll after the start of the state-defined pre-season practice period, the wait-period will be in effect for all athletic activities including freshmen and junior varsity sports. NJSIAA wait-period requirements for varsity athletes will be also be followed, when applicable.


Tuition Program Registration Form

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